My grandfather was a clown. My father is a clown. And I'm a clown too.

Since my childhood I felt to be a clown. I dreamed to work in the ring as fun as Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton or the Italian master of comedy, Totò.

So my father taught me to walk on the rope, to play musical instruments, to make somersaults. He explained me how to be funny everyday, how to be clown. I made a lot of experiences in the circus of my family.

When I was fifteen my father decided that I was ready to work abroad and we started in England with Billy Smart. A few years later my dreams became truth: I started to perform in the ring of the fascinating old-style circus "Il Florilegio". In these last years I worked in Norway (in Cirkus Arnardo), Belgium , Germany and Italy for circuses and tv shows.

I'm happy to be clown! Clowning is funny, is a privilege, is a dream. And dreaming is the most beautiful job of the world.